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We will exhibit at the online exhibition JIMTOF2020


From Monday, November 16, 2020, 10:00 am to Friday, November 27, 5:00 pm (* From Friday, November 27, 2020, 5:00 pm to Friday, December 11, 2020, 5:00 pm Archive period)

Products to be exhibited

Automatic visual inspection equipment Lulimo H (for casting and forged parts), Lulimo C (for axisymmetric parts)

During the exhibition period, we will have a chat dialogue and video product introduction.


​Lulimo Automated Visual Inspection System for Metal Components

Whether it’s forging, casting, press or machining, automatic visual inspection achieves  both of quality improvement and labor saving.

Lulimo systems are specially designed to provide cutting-edge automatic visual inspection for metal components which have different surface conditions or large dimensional tolerances. They feature proven visual inspection technologies developed for our semiconductor production and PCB-related equipment businesses as well as our proprietary image processing technologies, MAMS1/AAMS2 optical camera systems and comparison algorithms.

※1 Multi Angle Multi Shot ※2 All Angle Multi Shot

A new level of speed and accuracy

Visual inspection


・Overlooking/outflow of defects

・Variations among inspectors

・Disposal of excess-detected
​ components

・Shortage of skilled inspectors

・ Invisibility of microscopic defects

Inspection cameras


・Unfixed position of component
・Variations among images
・Problems in side/rear inspection
・Poor handling of tolerances
・Wrong detection of shot blasting/   
​ bonderizing marks

3D sensors


・Slow image capturing/processing

・Poor handling of slanted/
​ mirrored surfaces

Lulimo automated visual inspection system
can solve your problems

Overlooking of defects
Setup change for different component
Inspection time for each component


3 to15min


for rotational components




Our unique technologies help to prevent accidents resulting from overflow of defects. They enable to achieve quality stabilization and reducing of emergency response cost in case of overlook.

Change of parameter and transfer chuck can be completed quickly even when switching the component types to be inspected. We can also design multipurpose chucks capable of handling a variety of components.

Inspection is completed in just 5 seconds per component (7 seconds for rotational items). High-speed inspection can help shortage of skilled inspectors as well as reduction of excess/wrong detection. Lulimo systems effectively eliminate unnecessary work time and disposal.

Inspection targets

Forging components

Visual inspection of hot forging components after shot blasting or gear tooth flank formed cold forging

Casting components

Visual inspection of components including precision casting, die casting and sand mold casting items

Press components

Our unique image processing technologies can enable to detect defects hidden in surface irregularities

Development is currently underway on systems that will be able to perform automatic visual inspection of cutting components

Press components
​Lulimo H

Automated visual inspection system for casting/forging components

​Lulimo C

Automated visual inspection system for rotational components

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